Tufts Educational Media Center

************** NEWS ****************

Order Form has been updated August 10th, 2014 to streamline requests to EMC.  The new form will automatically enter a calendar item to our schedule.  You will receive confirmation as always within 48 hours, but the event capture to our calendar will be much more efficient and easier for us to maintain.


The Educational Media Center supports the educational mission Tufts University.  This includes the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Nutrition on the Health Sciences campus in Boston, MA.  We also support all of Tufts University, the Grafton Vet. School and the Tufts Medical Center community with an array of services that include:

  • Video & Audio recording
  • Production services to DVD, Blu-Ray DVD and all digital formats for Web video
  • Media equipment for seminars and events
  • Teleconferencing and Videoconfrencing equipment and services
  • Media conversions
  • Duplication services
  • Scanning services
  • Lecture Capture to Web Format
  • Live Web Streaming and Room Overflow

Our Advanced Services include:

  • AV consultation
  • AV project management
  • Small room AV installation services
  • Preventative maintenance and repairs
  • LCD projector bulb replacements